Explore Clay Cliffs Natural Area - The Leelanau Conservancy


Explore Clay Cliffs Natural Area

Saturday, June 15th | 10:00am

Pass the energy please! To get life rolling we are all dependent on green plants to capture energy from the sun and pass it along an awesome energy web, but not without help. What critters and strategies are crucial in passing along the life-giving energy thereby ensuring the continuation of life’s amazing biological diversity? We’ll have lots of fun not only enjoying the handiwork of Nature’s genius while discovering all the myriad helpers along the way. Keep your ears and eyes turned for the communications of young bald eagles and many resident birds while observing an amazing assemblage of high-quality ecological communities and their interconnections. Join Conservancy docents Ann McInnis and Jane Gale on a guided walk through this amazing natural areas as we work our way to the summit overlook platform and a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. Moderate uphill climb. Hike will last around 2 hours.

Photo by Mark Smith