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Geology and More at Houdek Dunes

Saturday, June 22nd | 10:00am

Had you visited Houdek Dunes several thousand years ago you would have arrived via a sandy beach (now M22) of the high water level of ancient Nipissing Great lake (now Lake Michigan)….minus all those sand dunes! Erosion, wind, weathering, and long shore currents have deposited a magnificent coastal dune area hosting unique hardy, stress-tolerant species of plants and animals. On a guided walk we will see the natural succession of vegetation from dunes to northern hardwoods while looking for evidence of the diversity of wildlife that these areas support. While direct access to Lake Michigan itself is not available at this location, you will be delighted to explore part of the over 370 acres of natural area with Conservancy docents Ann McInnis and Jane Gale.

Photo by Pat Oriel; Docent Sharon Oriel leading hike