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Hunting Information

Hunting on Conservancy Natural Areas and Preserves

Hunting is allowed only on select natural areas and with a Conservancy permit.

We are updating our permit application process to be online-only in the hopes to make it more efficient and accessible for hunters. After Labor Day 2019, you will be able to access the permit questionnaire here and fill out the necessary information, print your permits, and be all set to go. If doing this online is not your preference, you can still come into our office where you can either use a computer here to fill out the permit or have a staff member complete the online permit for you.

Please click the links below for downloadable PDFs of maps for those areas where hunting is allowed (primarily in the fall). Please use caution when hiking during hunting season and wear orange. Hunting permits are valid for one year only.

Hunter Observation Survey

Land Open to Hunting

Belanger Creek Preserve

Belanger Creek Preserve Hunting Map

Cedar River Preserve

Cedar River Preserve hunting map

Clay Cliffs Natural Area

Clay Cliffs Natural Area Hunting Map

DeYoung Natural Area

DeYoung Natural Area hunting map

Finton Natural Area

Finton Natural Area Hunting Map

Frazier-Freeland Preserve

Frazier-Freeland Hunting Map

Greeno Preserve

Greeno Hunting Map

Houdek Dunes Natural Area

Houdek Dunes Natural Area hunting map

Gull Island Preserve

Hatlem Creek Preserve

Hatlem Creek Preserve Hunting Map

Kehl Lake Natural Area

Kehl Lake Natural Area hunting map

Krumwiede Forest Reserve

Krumwiede Forest Reserve_hunting map

Mebert Creek Preserve

Mebert Creek Preserve Hunting Map

Palmer Woods Forest Reserve

Palmer Woods Forest Reserve Hunting Map_2018

Soper Preserve

Soper Preserve hunting map

Swanson Preserve

Swanson Preserve hunting Map

Teichner Preserve

Teichner Preserve Hunting Map